Home Screen

The Home Screen is the starting point when you login to HOA GO. It also serves as a home base.


On the Home Screen, you will see your name and address. You will also see a photo of your house or property.

General Features

The Home Screen also contains buttons to get to all the areas of HOA GO:

What's Happening

The What's Happening area shows you the latest updates on several things:

Homeowner Tasks

This area contains buttons to access specific tasks you can do as a homeowner.

Special Account Items


On the Home Screen, you may have some additional items. These items are specific to your account and are important for you to know.

For example, you might have an outstanding balance, or an outstanding violation. Or perhaps an HOA Application has changed status.

These special account items will appear at the top of your home screen and will automatically be removed when that issue is resolved, or no longer applies to your account.