Report A Problem

Tap "Report A Problem" from the home screen.

Use the Report A Problem feature to let your HOA Representative or Management Company know about an issue in your community. This could be an issue with a a street light, a broken gate, or any other type of HOA issue. You could also use this option to report an issue you might be having with a neighbor.


When the Report a Problem screen opens, you'll be asked to enter a Problem/Concern Title for the problem. Enter something short like, "Back Gate Problem" or "My Neighbor's Dog".

The Recipient will be filled in for you. You cannot change this. This will be the person that your HOA has designated to receive these reports.

You can add one or more Photos of the issue. While this is optional, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. To add a photo, tap the Add Photo ... button and either take a photo with your device's camera, or select one from your photo library.

Lastly, enter the Problem/Concern Body text. This should be a complete description of the issue you are reporting. You should be as complete and detailed as needed.

When your report is complete, and you are ready to submit it, tap the Report Concern button. Your report will immediately be sent to your HOA Representative or Management Company. They will review your report and likely get back to you. They may reply to you about your report asking for additional details, or have questions. If you get a reply, it will be in your messages.