Tap "Forum" from the home screen.

Forum Listings

The forum is the place for all residences of your HOA to share thoughts and ideas with one another.

Anything you add to the forum will be seen by all residences in your HOA. Let's keep it friendly, ok?

Messages are listed most recent first. Each message lists the date it was posted, the name of the post, and the name of person who created the post. the number of responses to the post is also shown on the right.

To archive a post so you don't see it anymore, swipe the post to the left and tap the archive icon.

To view a Forum post and any responses, simply tap the post. Easy!


Forum Post Detail

The original post and each reply from other members are listed in chronological order, with the latest reply listed first. Each reply shows the date is was posted, and the name of the person who posted it.

Each reply has a Like Count, and a Dislike Count. These options show the number of people who liked, or disliked what that user said. To like, or dislike a post, tap the Like, or Dislike button.

To reply to a post, tap the Reply button. Type your reply and tap Post Forum Reply