Administrator Home Screen

The Home Screen is the starting point when you login to HOA GO. It also serves as a home base.

About Your Account

You are the Administrator for your HOA. You are responsible for the day-to-day activities in your community. It's important that you check into your account often. We recommend logging in daily. You are going to receive messages and requestes from the members in your HOA. Your timely attention to these items will help HOA GO be most effictive and run smoothly.


General Features

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    The News area contains articles posted by you or HOA Board Members about useful topics, current events, special notices, or anything else you want your HOA to know.

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    The Messages area contains messages you have received from members of your HOA.

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    Tapping the Calendar icon will display your HOA's event calendar. The Calendar will list events important to your community.

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    Tap Forum to display your HOA's forum. The Forum is a public forum (within the HOA) for the entire community. All members within the community can post and comment to the Forum.

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    The CC&Rs section contains your HOA's CC&Rs. It may also contain other documents posted by your HOA such as By Laws, Guidlines, Election Rules, Regulation, and more.


This area will show any tasks or items that are pending and need your attention. You might see that you have messages that are unread, someone has asked a question, a violation has been submitted, or a variety of other things.

Items listed in the Pending section should take priority and be dealt with first.

What's Happeining

The What's Happening area shows you the latest updates on several things:

Administrative Tasks

This area contains buttons to access specific administrative tasks: